People dont have place to sleep, its waste of money – Ghanaians ask questions after seeing Sir John’s resting place

Many Ghanaians have reacted after seeing Sir John’s final resting place. Sir John last year succumbed to deadly coronavirus after short illness and was admitted at the hospital, including other government officials.

He’s being laid to rest and Ghanaians are asking lots of questions after seeing what looks like a whole house as his tomb. Some have said it is just outrageously inappropriate for what looks like a whole building to be used as a tomb as his final resting place.

But one Ghanaian responded after one Papa Kwesi bitterly complained about how money is being waste on his funeral but according to the guy, the building was donation from Sir John’s family and his loved ones and not from Ghana government

Sir John was a member of NPP, former National Chairman for the party and Chief Executive Officer for Forestry Commission before his demise. May his soul Rest in peace

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