Photo: Level 400 KNUST student commits suicide after he lost a bet of ₵60,000

A level 400 student from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has allegedly laid violent hands upon himself in a tragic report trending via social media.

Subtleties encompassing his demise have it that, the deceased owed a couple people a sum of ₵200,000 and he absurdly chose to stake a bet of ₵60,000 so he can win a bonanza and pay off his debts.

Unfortunately for him, he lost the bet and unable to withstand the intense pressure which was unavoidable, he chose to join his predecessors in the cruelest manner.

See reactions below;

@NKapuur – Do we have help line in this country… Like organization arnd for dat Cus depression x eating pipo up… smile nd cry within!! Suicide x no joke!!!

@Liam_Sarpong – I hope guys take friends plights serious. The world of jokes is too much, taking slightest chance to troll. What be the reason I hope we all don’t go the extra step. Rest In Peace Fred. I hope you find peace with your Lord

@dareodanz – Some of the serious issues we need to take a look at instead of all these useless seriousness to find enormous amount of money just to hoard things that really dont mean nothing to life itself

@Sneldaily – You better do proper investigation cos people are wicked… not every fall or skin cutting is suicidal. People just kill people… May his or her soul rest in peace.

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