PHOTOS: Lady Makes A Shocking Revelation On How She Locked Her Boyfriend Of 5 Years After He Asked For A Break-up

Some people go to the outrageous with regards to relationship and a woman has shared an unusual story of how she locked up her boyfriend.

As indicated by the woman, she met her boyfriend and he was the first she did everything with. She clarified how her boyfriend was quick to sleep with her and do everything with her.

The unidentified woman went on to reveal how she dated her boyfriend for 5years, cooked for him, slept with him, washed and cleaned for him and respected him.

Unfortunately for her, he began pulling out from her three months ago and she chose to do all the things she could do just to make her boyfriend love her once more.

Sadly, all her efforts didn’t emerge so she chose to take things up a little.

The woman went on to reveal how a friend acquainted her with a lady living in Kasoa who sold her a padlock for 2 Cedis.

Read the full story below;

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