Picture of a Ukrainian POW shows Russia is committing crimes against humanity

Picture of Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov before and after leaving Russian camp

Latest picture of a Ukrainian POV released by Voice of America’s news Anchor shows how Russia is committing crimes against humanity

Picture of Ukrainian musician Mykhailo Dianov who doubles as a military man has surfaced on the Internet. Several pictures of him before and after he was released from captivity by Russians has triggered Social Activists, media commentators to add their voices to the tragic incident.

It is no doubt how Mykhailo Dianov was abused and dehumanised during his stay at the camp. There have been earlier reports of Russian POWs being subjected to inhumane treatments and torture.

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Voice of America Journalist, Ostap Yarysh who is currently news Anchor at the Ukrainian service of VoA posted it on his Twitter feed, describing it to be unfortunate and “terrifying”. Mykhailo Dianov’s arm got broken while other parts of his body is badly damaged and severely deformed. Here’s a very young vibran man who looked handsome before going to war now looks like a 90year old man excuse my language. And the first person to blame for all these atrocities is 20 facts about Vladimir Putin you may not know.

Here’s a photo of him before being captured by Russian soldiers

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