pictures of a pretty lady selling coconut goes viral, serves as motivation to many

In pictures, a pretty lady is seen selling coconut to her clients, serving them with passion. She’s seen wearing smiles while she serve them.

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In a Facebook post, JoyNews reporter, Israel Laryea gives account of her she’s dedicated to her job. He revealed how she goes around a community in Ghana, Kokomlemle, a suburb of Accra to serve her customers on regular basis.

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Rosemond Abena Nyamekye is the typical definition of the saying ‘what men can do, women can also do and even do it better

“Meet Rosemond Abena Nyamekye, she’s mostly stationed at Joyfm where she refreshes staff and the community with her coconut. I’ve observed how she would move the wheel barrow around Kokomlemle to serve her customers, with the wheel barrow sometimes dragging her rather downhill” he posted.

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Check his post here

Incase you live around this vicinity or want to do business with her, here’s her number 0552719337 as posted by Israel. Truly, there is dignity in labour. It is very satisfying to see people who find happiness in what they do for a living. We wish her well.

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