Poland and Baltic States pledge support for Ukraine in Kyiv

Poland and BALTIC states pledge support for Ukraine “until victory” is won


Poland and BALTIC states PLEDGE support for Ukraine in Kyiv till the very end.

President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nuaseda posted pictures on twitter how Ukraine troops destroyed Russian tanks, lauding their “heroism, love of freedom” and how “homeland always triumph over savagery”

He also advocates for heavy weapons for Ukraine just like President Zelensky said hours ago, saying “Ukraine needs weapons for their fight here and now”

President Zelensky posted a video on his twitter page asking the West to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine to help them defeat the enemy

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Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia make up the BALTIC states. Baltic States is a modern unofficial geopolitical term, typically used to cluster three countries. All these Baltic States are part of NATO and now, Finland and Sweden set to join NATO in weeks after Russia invasion of Ukraine.

In pictures, Gitanas Nuaseda said they were in Ukrainian capital “Kyiv with the Presidents of Poland, Latvia and Estonia” and they “expressed full support to President Zelensky”

Gitanas said “they will continue advocating for Ukraine’s membership in the European Union and helping this heroic nation overcome the horrors of war. Unity is strength, we stand with Ukraine until victory “

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