Poland boycott playing world cup qualier against Russia

Poland boycott World Cup playoffs against Russia

Poland rejects playing world cup qualier against Russia

Watch the moment when an additional number of soldiers invaded Ukraine:https://fb.watch/bpWwJL-WNM/

Poland Football Federation has rejected playing the FIFA World Cup qualifier against Russia. Their decision followed Russia’s military offensive against Ukraine.

Poland International star and Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski earlier stated he was not ready to play against Russia following their invasion. Read more Poland star Lewandowski says he will not play FIFA World Cup playoffs against Russia

The government of Poland have been very supportive since Russia invaded Ukraine. They have opened their borders wide for Ukrainian refugees. The Polish people have lined up in football stadiums across the country to donate blood to Ukrainian refugees. Some Ukrainians have walked miles just to cross the Poland border.

President of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza posted a tweet on his page to clarify his nation’s concerns.

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“No more words, time to act. Due to the escalation of the aggression of the the Russian Federation towards Ukraine the Polish national team does not intend to play the play-off match against Russia” he posted

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