Poland star Lewandowski says he will not play FIFA World Cup playoffs against Russia

Lewandowski says he will not play the world cup playoffs against Russia

Poland star Lewandowski says he will not play FIFA World Cup qualifier against Russia

Poland star Lewandowski has added his voice to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The striker says he will never, in any sense play for Poland if they insist to play against Russia in the world cup playoffs.

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The FIFA World Cup playoffs is slated to happen next month where various nations will play against other nations. They will play against other nations in their various continent. This will also happen in Africa, North America, Europe etc.

Poland’s National Football Federation also said Robert Lewandowski will not play Poland vs Russia because of Russia’s invasion on Ukraine.

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“It is the right decision. I can’t imagine playing a match with the Russian national team in a situation when armed aggression in Ukraine continues. Russian footballers and fans are not responsible for this, but we can’t pretend nothing is happening” Robert Lewandowski posted on his twitter page.

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