Police officer in hot waters after leaving her phone in a car she took Ghs200 bribe from

Young man, Samuel Afolabi narrates his story, how a lady police took Ghs200 bribe from him and later, left her phone in his vehicle.

According to him, he was actually driving from Aflao to Accra when he met a group of police officers at Sogakope. Unfortunately, he was stopped and accused of not using his seat belt.

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“I was travelling from Aflao to Accra but when I got to Sogakope, I was stopped at a checkpoint by a group of Ghana Police team who accused me of not using my seat belt. I begged her to let me go that it won’t happen again but she refused” Samuel narrates

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He also narrates how the lady police accepted Ghs200 from him for after about 3hours of begging but just after he drove off and reached Accra – motorway, he noticed a phone rang. It was the phone of the police officer who just took Ghs200 bribe from him. The lady later pleaded with him to return the phone, an iPhone 12 pro max.

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According to him, something is telling him not to return the phone. What would you have done if you were Samuel Afolabi? Leave your message below

Here’s the full story below

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