Pregnant Olivia Bowen reveals due date as she steps into of becoming a mum

Famous American reality TV star and model, Olivia Bowen reveals she’s feeling much better about becoming a first-time mum while disclosing her due date.

Talking of how calmer she feels about pregnancy, Olivia Bowen says:

Pregnant Olivia Bowen reveals due date as she steps into of becoming a mum

“I’ve become so much more comfortable and calm about becoming a mum & expecting now. It just seems to take time to get used to it!

“So, that being said I wanted to share with our online family that baby Bowen is due in June,” she added with a love heart emoji.

The 28-year-old expecting mother said she and her husband, Alex Bowen don’t want to find out the gender of the baby before it’s born.
She said;

“We’re still not finding out the gender though haha! Staying strong. I actually don’t even want to know, it seems quite insignificant to me now. At first, it was a thing & people love to guess!

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“Alex & I just don’t believe in any of the old wives’ tales of bump shape stuff. We literally don’t have a clue, and we don’t really guess either!”

“Any ladies in their early pregnancy or even later stages, if you’re feeling like you’re flapping & anxious don’t worry! I felt so helpless & it passed!”

Olivia Bowen went further: “hormones don’t help” and said: “Just take comfort in knowing I did not feel maternal whatsoever & now I just feel so excited & at peace with it which sounds weird but I was so anxious, now I just feel calm!”

“Calm before the storm maybe! You got this!” she added.

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