Premier league hat-tricks: Erling Haaland, 8 matches 3 hat-tricks, Cristiano Ronaldo 232 matches, 3 hat-tricks

Erling Haaland and Cristiano Ronaldo

Erling Haaland continue to score more goals in the Premier league after his exit from Bundesliga

Social media users are now compering Cristiano Ronaldo and Haaland on Premier league hat-tricks record. Haaland has already equalled Ronaldo’s record of 3 Premier league hat-tricks, and he’s only played 8 games so far.

Here’s Erling Haaland’s third hat-tricks for his new club, Manchester City.

Cristiano Ronaldo however scored 3 hat-tricks in 232 Premier league games.

Here are some reactions on social media

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“Ronaldo played against stronger teams during his prime. It took a lot of effort to score a hat-trick in the EPL back in the day. Haaland is having it easy so don’t compare both players because that’s insensitive. Haaland is a standout but he’s no where near Ronaldo” Daniel Regha

“Haaland can only score goals vs small clubs like Man United Nottingham Forrest. I will not call him a good player until he starts getting goals vs Real Madrid, Chelsea and Bayern Munich” Hazard Pxcked

“Ronaldo was a midfielder have some shame” TV

“comparing Messi to Ronaldo is totally fine but comparing Haaland with CR7 is total disrespect. If Haaland scores 50 goals every year for the next 15years (which I don’t see happening) he wouldn’t still touch CR7 so y’all should rest” Geiger Maalli

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