Presec Legon:Odade3 Alumni Launch First Ever Radio Station On Campus

Presby Boys Senior High, Legon is a secondary boarding school for boys, in Legon, Accra, Ghana.The Presbyterian Boy’s Secondary School (PRESEC-LEGON), the best science secondary school and additionally the school with the most strongest alumni in Ghana is in the news these days.

Earlier this month, a radio station was launched on the grounds of PRESEC referred to as the “Odade3 radio” which was fully financed by the old boys of the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School.

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The radio station was established to educate students who are interested by journalism, social media management, blogging, photography, news reporting, news presenting, and many others.

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In addition, the newly hooked up radio station of PRESEC is aimed toward unique, handing over up to date information and bringing together all the antique students of PRESEC.


According to data , PRESEC-LEGON (the nice science secondary school in Ghana) is the the first and most effective 2nd cycle college in Africa to have a radio station. Don’t be amazed in case you begin seeing students from this amazing college prevailing journalism awards in few years to come.

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