President Biden announce release of 15million barrels of oil from US strategic reserve (Video)

President of the United States Joe Biden has directed that 25million barrels of oil be released

President of the United States Joe Biden said it has become necessary to release barrels of oil from US strategic reserve to salvage the ploit of Americans in this trying times.

The President was speaking from the Oval office this afternoon when he made his remarks. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has affected the living conditions globally, which makes it imperative for all citizens to cope with current trends, and for leaders to take stringent measures to solve their immediate needs.

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Inflation is galloping and prices of goods and services are on the rise. He has promised to “continue to stabilize markets and decrease prices at a time when the actions of other countries have caused such volatility” Biden said, blaming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and for that matter President Putin.

“Today I’m announcing three critical steps, that my administration will take steps to reduce gas prices at the pump. The department of energy will release another 15million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve”

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