President Biden says Putin is a “butcher”

President Biden calls Putin a butcher


President Biden says PUTIN is a “BUTCHER”.

President of the United States of America has called Vladimir Putin a butcher in front of Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

President Biden last week called Putin a “war criminal” back in the United States. His comments caused a lot of controversies after Russian officials says President Biden’s comment was unfortunate. According to them, the President’s comments will affect the relations between Russia and the United States.

After the “war criminal” statement by the president, his current utterance is just another controversial statement as Russian officials are yet to respond to his comments.

“You know the Ukrainian people. You see all these children. Each one of those children said, pray for my dad. He’s out there fighting. And my grandfather and my brother. And I remember what is is like when you have someone at the war zone. And every morning you’re wondering, you’re praying you don’t get that phone call. And their amazing group of people” President Biden said.

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One of the reporters asked “you’re dealing everyday with Vladimir Putin. Look at what he’s done to this do people, what does it make you think?”

“He is a butcher” President Joe Biden said.

The President also tweeted earlier, confirming his visit to Poland. And met Ukrainian refugees

“who have fled to Poland this afternoon. You don’t need to speak the same language to feel the roller-coaster of emotions in their eyes. I want to thank my friend Chef Jose Andres, his team and the people or Warsaw for opening your hearts to help”

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