President Biden says Russia should be expelled from G20

President Biden said Russia should be “removed from G20”


PRESIDENT Biden says Russia should be expelled from G20.

United States PRESIDENT Biden said Russia “should be removed” from G20. The American President believe Russia already lost his status or membership when President of Russia, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine on February 24.

The American President made his intentions known after meeting with world leaders on Thursday in Belgium, March 24. Speaking to the press, President Biden said “yes”.

“Do you think that Russia should be removed from the G20?”. The reporter asked.

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“On a lot on points my answer is yes. It depends on the G20. That was raised today and I raised the possibility that, that can be done. If others do not agree then we should in my view has to have Ukraine be able to attend G20 meetings” The American President said.

The G20 is simply a group of world’s greatest economies who meet every year in member countries. This year’s G20 summit, which will come of in Indonesia has already been faced with controversies. While America and its allies believe Russia should be removed, China holds a contrary view. China says no member has that right to remove another member.

Speaking on President of Russia, Vladimir Putin’s presence at the G20 summit in November this year, Russian ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobiava said the president want to attend. Vorobiava also revealed the West is trying hard to take the membership status from Russia. Read more: Putin says he will attend G20 summit in Indonesia despite isolation by West

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