President Biden, who’ll be 82 in 3yrs time says he’ll run for the 2024 elections

● President Joe Biden who will be 82years in 2024 says he’ll run for the 2024 elections

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The white house says the President intends to run for President three years from now.

President Joe Biden who turned 79 hours ago says he would be running for the 2024 general elections. Joe Biden is the oldest man in American history to become President. He took over from President Trump in January at age 78.

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The United States President will be 82years old in 2024 and 86years by at the end of his tenure in 2028. This followed after the President’s medical exams over the weekend Kamala Harris becomes first woman to serve as Acting U.S President

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki was questioned aboard Air Force one whether she could confirm the President would run for office in 2024, and she said “yes that’s an intention”

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His close competitor, President Donald Trump also the intention to run again but he’s yet to make it official. This also means both leaders would ones again meet squarely.

Americans will be going to the polls in 2024 to elect their next President. While many Republicans think the President is too old and can’t run for office, many Democrats believe he still has what it takes.

‘if President Biden runs again in 2024, he absolutely will have my vote” a Democrat tweeted

“Biden running again? Following President Biden’s medical exam, he ans his aides are spreading the word that he’s running again in 2024. He can barely do his job now” Republican @Seanhannity said

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