President Joe Biden & China’s Xi Jinping hold virtual talks

● President Joe Biden and President of China, Xi Jinping hold virtual talks

● This virtual meeting is the very first of a kind between the American President and China when former came to office

Both leaders spoke for about an hour while they try to talk bilateral trade and long lasting rade war between the world’s biggest economies. President Biden said it was high time both Nations work on their ‘intense competition’ because China and America ‘have a responsibility to the world and as well as to our people’

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Both countries have been on loggerheads for sometime now. Several trade negotiations between the two countries were not fruitful after Trump’s administration and the Chinese communist government disagreed on several international trade grounds. But President Biden want that to be in the past.

“Good to see you Mr. President, next time I hope we do it face to face like we used to when we travel through China. Maybe I should start formerly because you and I have never been formal with one another. Good evening to everyone to in the United States and Good morning to you Mr. President in Beijing. I’m happy you have found time with me and I look forward for candid discussions” President Biden said in his introduction speech

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He continued. “There seems the need we establish some common sense, to be clear and honest on what we disagree, and work together in our interests especially on vital global issues like climate change. This is a responsible wold leadership and you’re a major world leader, so is the United States. Our bilateral relationship evolves seems to me that we have a profound impact not only in our countries but quite frankly the rest of the world. We have a responsibility to the world as well as to our people. That is why we believe a united front in this. All countries have to play by the same rules of the road while the United States stand up for some values and those of our allies and partness. I am sure we will be discussing those areas where we have concerns from human rights to economics. I told other world leaders we have always communicated honestly and candidly, and we have never walk away when the other is sinking and thatthe important ingredient in this relationship” The American President told Xi Jinping of China


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