President of Senegal supports Idrissa Gueye who is facing homophobia accusations

President Macky sall jas been criticized for supporting Idrissa Gana Gueye

President of Senegal Macky sall says he’s fully behind Idrissa Gueye who is currently facing homophobia accusations in France.

The Senegalese President tweeted hours ago, throwing his weight behind his citizen, saying his religious “convictions must be respected”.

Idrissa Gueye refused to wear PSG kit last weekend because it had the rainbow symbol which represents the LGBTQ+ community. Though Idrissa Gueye’s team is yet to respond to this accusations, the LGBTQ+ community believe he refused to play last weekend because he does not want to wear the new PSG kit.

The PSG midfielder and Senegalese international has come under massive criticism when the case was brought to daylight. Read more:Idrissa Gueye refused to wear PSG kit with rainbow colours, symbol of LGBTQ+ community

“I support Idrissa Gana Gueye. His religious convictions must be respected” President Macky sall tweeted.

The midfielder facing homophobia accusations is not the only issue that has brought many arguments but the comment of the Senegalese President backing his citizen too. While some side with the President, many think his statement was reckless and needles. They believe the campaign is only to create awareness for tolerance and not to promote homosexuality.

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Here are some reactions after the President’s tweet

I think that all this controversy around is not useful. I simply believe that Guaye must understand that wearing this Jersey with the LGBTQ+ colours is only and awareness campaign for tolerance, we’re not asking him to promote homosexuality” @RThombet

Using religion as a cover for hatred is nothing but sheer cowardice. The outpouring of support for Idrissa Gueye’s bigotry in France, Senegal and beyond shows how warped and maladjusted views are still ingrained in so much of wider society” @_Dan_Austin

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