Turkey President, Erdogan declares 10 Ambassadors from United States & European Union ‘persona non grata’

Turkey President, Recep Erdogan declares 10 Ambassadors from the United States and European Union ‘pesona non grata’ says they are no longer welcome.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the Ambassadors were no longer welcome in Turkey after they demanded the release of a prominent philanthropist and businessman, Osman Kavala.

They include the United States, Canada, France, Denmark, Germany, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Netherlands and Norway.

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“This is Turkey, glorious Turkey. You can’t just get up and come to the Foreign Ministry and give instructions. I give the necessary instructions to our Foreign Minister and said, you will immediately handle the persona non grata, declaration of these 10 ambassadors” Erdogan said.

This means these 10 Ambassadors have been banned from remaining inTurkey

watch video below

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