President of Uganda, Museveni condemns Guinea & Mali coup, ask African freedom fighters to take action

President of Uganda, Museveni condemns Guinea and Mali coup, ask ‘African freedom fighters to take action ‘

President Museveni has condemned military coup in Africa, one which occurred last year in Mali and another this early this September 2021. According to the President, coup is not the way forward because it has not help Africa in anyway or any form. He said the coup must be evaluated by African freedom fighters.

The President was talking to France24 when he made this comments.

Read also about whats going on in Guinea below will not succumb to Ecowas pressure which will allow President Alpha Conde to seek exile – Guinea junta to Ecowas

Ecowas suspend Guinea, demand immediate release of President Alpha Conde

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“Coup plotters should get out of power, coup is not good for Africa. It hasn’t solved any of our problems in Africa” he said.

Mr Museveni came to power in the 80s through coup.

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