President Trump sues Twitter, Google, Facebook CEO’S for censorship (video)

Former president of the United states, Donald John Trump has filed ‘class action’ lawsuit against three giant social media companies – Facebook, Twitter and Google. According to the former president, these three media companies are censoring conservatives and him, Trump.

At a news briefing from Trump’s golf club in Bedminster NJ, Trump emphasized how he and his team have plans to hold big tech accountable.

“We’re going to hold big tech very accountable. I just want to say that I stand before you this morning to announce a very important and a very beautiful, I think development for our freedom of speech and this goes to all Americans. I’m filing as the lead representative a class action lawsuit against the big tech including Facebook, Google and Twitter as well as their CEO’S Mark Zuckerberg, Sander and Jack Dorsey” the former president revealed in his statement.

President Trump was suspended indefinitely from Twitter and the above mentioned platforms amids the 2020 general elections.

According to him, big tech is out of control and if they can do this to him, they can equally do it to everyone

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