President Zelensky says there would be a third world war if negotiations fail with Russia

President Zelensky says there would be third world war if Putin fail with negotiations


Ukrainian President Zelensky says there would be a third world war if NEGOTIATIONS fail with Russia. The Ukrainian President was talking to CNN when he made these statements.

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The Ukrainian President revealed he is willing to negotiate with Putin anytime but not on Ukraine’s territorial integrity which will jeopardise the independence their forefathers fought for.

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“I am ready for negotiations with him. I was ready ever the last two years and I think without negotiations, we cannot end this war” he said.

There have been several reports of assassination attempts on President Zelensky. The President vowed to never leave Ukraine but the stay with his people to the very end. USA wanted to move Zelensky from Kyiv for his safety. He said no “I need ammunition, not a ride”

He told CNN both nations need to use any means necessary to end the war. And if all attempts fail, there would be a world war three.

“I think that we have to use any format, any chance in order to have a possibility of negotiating, possibility of talking to Putin. But if these attempts fail, that would mean that this is a third world war. If there is just one percent for us to stop this war, I think we need to take this chance. We need to do that” The Ukrainian President told CNN

Over 14000 and 1300 Russian soldiers and Ukrainian troops have died according to reports. Russian forces have told Ukrainian forces in Mariupol to surrender before tomorrow morning or face consequences but Ukrainian soldiers have vowed to stay.

Russian forces took Kherson about two weeks ago. But there are Ukrainian citizens who keep protesting every day. If they succeed in taking Mariupol, it would be the second city.

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“There are compromises for which we cannot be ready as an independent state. Any compromises related to our territorial integrity and our sovereignty and Ukrainian people have spoken about it. They have not greeted Russian soldiers with a bunch of flowers, they have greeted them with bravery, they have greeted them with weapons in their hands” President Volodymyr told CNN

He also said what is happening in Mariupol is a war crime and Russian authorities must be charged for their atrocities.

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