President Zelensky survives 3 assassination attempts

New York Post said Zelensky suffered three assassination attempts

President Zelensky survives three assassination attempts according to the New York Post

The Times is reporting Ukrainian President Zelensky has survived three assassination attempts. In an interview, President Zelensky said no one wants to die. Zelensky said everyone wants to live, Paul Ronzheimer.

“I was just sitting next to Zelensky during a press talk. He looks tired but is determined. ‘We all want to live’ Zelensky told me when I asked him of he was afraid to get killed” Paul posted on twitter.

The Times said assasins tried to eliminate the President but all failed.

“The assassination plots were foiled when anti war Russias fed Intel to Ukraine about two separate mercenary groups that planned to launch the attacks” a story published by the Times.

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“I can say we have received information from (Russia’s Federal Security Service), who do not want to take part in the bloody war. The shadowy Kremlin backed Wagner Group was behind two of the attempts. If they had been or are successful, Moscow could deny direct Involvement in the assassination plot” The Times published.

“They would be going in there with a high profile mission, something that the Russians would want to be deniable, a decapitation of a head of of state is a huge mission. In terms of the Russian sovereign policy, this be perhaps their biggest mission so far. It would have a major impact on the war” a diplomatic source told The Times.

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