Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed sworn in for another five year term

Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed sworn in for another five year term.

Abiy Ahmed Ali has been sworn in as Prime Minister of Ethiopia for another five year term in office. Abiy who is only 45years prepares for another term after his Prosperity Party’s landside election victory in June. He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 but the country’s current situation says otherwise. There is rise of tensions in Tigray regions as war intensifies. The Tigray conflict has killed many people, leaving a large number in the brink of starvation, including children and pregnant women.

Last week, the country asked United Nations officials to leave the country, citing that the 7 officials were meddling in its internal affairs. Read more here Ethiopia expels 7 top UN officials for meddling in its internal affairs

Abiy Ahmed have to religious fate backgrounds. His mother, a Christian gave birth to him in the Western Town of Beshasha to a Muslim man. He joined the military as a radio operator at a very tender age, (teenager). He rose to Lieutenant – Colonel before becoming the first head of Ethiopia’s cyber espionage Information Network Security Agency.

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His colleague leaders across Africa have been sending their warm wishes to the Prime Minister. Dr. Abiy Ahmed’s quick rise to power can be traced to happenings in 2015 reports say.

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