Prince Harry willing to render assistance to Ukrainian soldiers

Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry wants to render military assistance to Ukraine against Russian President, Putin.
Prince Harry wants to offer his military gift to war-torn Ukraine.

According to a source, The Duke of Sussex is willing on giving support to Ukrainian soldiers amid continuous attacks from Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
Royal expert Neil Sean observed on his YouTube channel how Prince Harry once defined his military career as “probably one of the gladdest moments of his life”

Prince Harry willing to render assistance to Ukrainian soldiers

Mr. Sean told:

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“I think he liked the camaraderie, the removal away of royal life and the privacy that it entailed him.”

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“Obviously he did enjoy it because he was then to go on and help put together and enjoy the period of the Invictus Games, of which we can look forward to a documentary on Netflix later this year.”

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The royal expert went further and said:
“According to a very good source, Prince Harry is very keen to see, as a private citizen, if he could offer any assistance, whether to go to and visit or simply just assist from afar with Ukraine.”

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Presently, Harry is having distant from his role in military, with Princess Anne doing some important responsibilities.

“It’s really stung him,” he told.

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“[and] obviously, now, with the likes of her Royal Highness, Princess Anne taking on a bulk of his duties upon his recent visit [to the UK], that possibly has hit home even harder.”

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