Putin ally says Russia should nuke England but should leave Scotland

A Russian propagandist weeks ago said on a live television that Russian should just nuke the whole of United Kingdom. Putin’s close relative has emphasized that hours ago

Putin ally want Russian Federation to nuke England and leave Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It’s barely two months now when a Russian propagandist threatened the territorial defense of the United Kingdom. On live television, the Russian propagandist said Russia can use an under water missile to destroy all the four territories of United Kingdom.

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This time, a close Putin ally on a live television has made a similar statement. Putin’s close ally who happens to be a television presenter said Russia should nuke the United Kingdom but only England should be nuked.

Vladimir Solovyov said the UK government should “wake up” from their extraordinary rant because they are just being “arrogant, illiterate upstarts, who can’t do anything but steal” he said on live television.

Solovyov continued: “Listen Brits, wake up. The only reason you don’t have Egyptian pyramids in British Museums is because you physically can’t steal them. You stole everything” he said, adding that the whole of UK could be destroyed with one Sarmat but even if that should happen, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be exempted

“We won’t touch Scotland. Scotland will be independent. Wales has been quite so far. Wales too will be independent. And at Biden’s demand, Northern Ireland will unite with Ireland”

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