Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III – Trump

Putin won’t stop attacking Ukraine because there is no though leader to talk to him like I did – Trump

Putin invading Ukraine could lead to World War III

Former President of the United States, Donald John Trump said Putin invading Ukraine could lead to a world war III.

The former President was speaking at a rally in Florence, South Carolina when he made his concerns known.

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Trump revealed President Putin is likely not to stop his attack on the Ukrainian people because there is currently no leader to hold him down. According to Trump, he is the only leader to match Putin and now, and there is currently no though leader to talk to him.


all Biden’s weakness, cowardness and incompetence, there is still a chance for him to end this tragedy in Ukraine without getting Americans in a gruesome and a very bloody war. This could lead to World War III. Because if you think Putin is going to stop, it’s going to get worse. He’s not going to accept that, and we don’t have anybody to talk to him” Trump said.

Joe Biden had earlier warned Putin to thread cautiously because NATO will not hesitate to defend “every inch of NATO territory” which could “lead to World War III”. Read more □ Why President Biden said there could be a world war III

Several leaders have also warned things may escalate. Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Oleksiy Honcharuk believe world war III has already begun, looking at the intensity of developments. Yesterday, President Zelensky said about 1300 Ukrainian soldiers have died. This number excludes civilian casualties. He also said the number of Russian soldiers who have lost their lives so far exceed that of Ukraine. It was later discovered that over 12000 Russian soldiers have died reports say.

Speaking at the rally President Trump said “nobody was ever tougher on Russia than him”

“I’m the one that stopped the pipeline, I’m the one that put all the sanctions on, and I’m the one that he didn’t attack during our administration. Everyone is asking about that now even the radical left reporters up there” Trump said.

But some American analysts also say Putin never bordered to invade Ukraine because he liked Trump’s policies when he was in power. According to them, Trump was already doing most of the works for Putin so there was no need.

“Putin saw an American President moving in the direction Moscow liked, and the Russian leader was waiting for Trump to finish the job” Trump’s former chief security advisor, Bolton also said.

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Trump also suggested some measures to be taken to stop the war immediately.

“The US must make it clear to Putin that he has two choices to negotiate peace right now or else face blistering consequences including push to permanently eliminate dependence on Russian energy and we’re talking about forever or a long long time. Because without the money coming from energy, Russia doesn’t work.

Watch full speech here on Newsmax below https://fb.watch/bJz7Ffo4yh/

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