Putin meets Turkiye and Iranian Presidents in Iran, first time amidst Russia Ukraine war (Video)

President of Russia Vladimir Putin today met the two leaders to discuss bilateral relations

President Putin is currently in Iranian capital Tehran, where he’s having series of meetings with Turkiye President Erdoğan and Iranian President Raisi.

The moment when Putin arrived in Tehran. Video by DiscloseTV

This is the first time Vladimir Putin is visiting Iran after he ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine this year on February 24th.

Many expert diplomats and international relations experts believe the move is to show the world Russia still “some powerful allegiance”, to showcase to the world Putin still have allies that believe in some of his ideologies, if not all.

The West have isolated Russia after it’s invasion. Canada, UK, the United States and some other powerful countries have all condemned Putin’s actions, to the extent of President Biden calling him a war criminal and a butcher. Read more:President Biden says Putin is a “butcher”

Fast forward, Western countries placed heavy sanctions on Russian economy, crippling the countries economic activities. The sanctions saw many companies from Western countries boycott Russian market.

Video posted by Disclose TV when the three leaders met

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During the visit, Russian President Vladimir Putin appreciates Turkiye’s President Erdoğan for negotiating a deal for the export of Ukrainian grain

“Relations between Russia and Turkiye are developing, despite everything, trade is growing and at a very significant pace” Putin said

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