Putin says he will attend G20 summit in Indonesia despite isolation by West

Vladimir Putin says he will attend G20 summit in November 2022 amid Ukraine war

Putin says he will attend G20 summit despite isolation by West

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he will attend G20 summit despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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G20 is made up of the 20 world’s biggest economies, which includes the United States, Russia, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada etc.

Most Western leaders have condemned Putin’s actions for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The UK, US and Germany have all condemned the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and have imposed “killer” sanctions on Russia.

However, China has not condemned the actions of their close ally Russia, rather, they want to stay ‘stay on the fence” while they help resolve issues.

CHINESE Ambassador to the United States earlier told Face The Nation Journalist Brennan China will rather like the war between Russia and Ukraine be settled through diplomacy. Read more says it won’t send weapons to Russia, believes in diplomacy

Again, China says it “supports Putin’s participation in next G20 summit” which will be held in Indonesia. China foreign ministry says. Speaking to news reporters, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Wang wenbin said ” Russia is an important member, and no member has the right to expel another member”

Russian ambassador to Indonesia accused America of sabotage Russia. America earlier said it would consult member states on Russia’s status as member of G20 countries.

Russian ambassador to Indonesia also confirmed Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to attend the G20 summit.

according to Russian ambassador to Indonesia Lyudmila Vorobiava, host of G20 summit, Jakarta had already invited Russian President Vladimir Putin which will come off in November 2022.

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“It will depend on many things but so far, the intention is to come. Of course the expulsion of Russia from this kind of forum will not help these economic problems to be resolved. On the contrary, without Russia, it would difficult. We really hope that the Indonesian government will not give in to the horrible pressure that is being applied to not only Indonesia but so many countries in the world by the West” Vorobiava said

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