Putin says Russia should redirect energy exports to Asia

Russian government to redirect energy exports to Asia


PUTIN says Russia should redirect energy exports from Europe to Asia

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin says Russian government will start to diversify its energy exports to Asia. Putin says the decision has become necessary after Europe starts drafting a ban on Russian energy oil and gas.

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European Union officials are slowly proceeding towards a boycott of Russian energy oil and gas. The move was earlier resisted because of its potential to raise energy prices.

European Union countries heavily depend on Russian energy oil and gas, so this move will totally cripple Russian economy experts warn Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday accused European Union countries of sponsoring genocide in Ukraine. The President told BBC “blood money is being paid for Russian energy oil and gas”.

Putin said European Union countries are gradually destabilizing the market by moving to cut out Russian deliveries.

“European countries are constantly talking about refusing Russian supplies of energy, which further destabilizes the market and pushes prices up of their own making. We need to diversify exports. We will proceed from the fact that in the foreseeable future, the supply of energy resources in the Western direction will be reduced. Therefore it is important to consider the trend in recent years. Step by step, shift the direction of our exports to the facst growing markets of the South and East” Putin said in a live video.

India still buys oil from Russia as as speak. India buys oil from Russia. Here are some Implications And now that European Union countries are shifting their focus from Russian energy oil and gas, Russian government will definitely want to expand oil exports to other countries in Asia. But the problem is this: will the West be accept these countries who will continue to buy Russian energy?. Its big no.

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