Putin to undergo cancer surgery

There are Growing reports on the health of Russian leader

Russian President Vladimir Putin to undergo cancer surgery this month according to reports

Putin who ordered Russian soldiers to invade Ukraine on February 24th will handover power to Nikolai Patrushev who is currently the Head of Russian Federal Police Security Council to enable him undergo cancer surgery New York Post disclosed

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A Russian Telegram Channel, General SVR reportedly managed by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service revealed on Saturday.

According to the Telegram Channel, Putin has been told by doctors he must undergo a surgical operation. Though the report has not been officially confirmed by Russian government, the story teller in the video said the President is willing to hand over power for “a short time”

“Putin is unlikely to hand over power for a longer period of time. I will say that this is the worst option. Patrushev is an outright villian”.

The story teller continue to emphasize that “he is no better than Vladimir Putin” and “moreover, he is a more cunning, and more insidious person than Vladimir Putin” who will make things worse.

“If he comes to power, the problem will only multiply” he said

Reports started circulating after Putin’s meeting with Shoigu. The Russian President was seen in the video clinching to his table while his counterpart brief him on happenings in Mariupol

Watch that video on Kremlin.ru

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