Putin visits Mariupol, a Ukrainian territory temporarily occupied by Russia, hours after ICC issued his arrest warrant, drives around (Video)

President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is sending a message to the world after International Criminal Court issued his arrest warrant

Russian President Vladimir Putin was seen driving in Mariupol, a war-torn Ukrainian city, which is now temporarily occupied by Russia hours after ICC issued his arrest warrant.

The Russian President has been accused of war crimes in Ukraine as Russian soldiers are said to have raped and killed innocent civilians. He has also been accused of deporting children from Ukraine to Russia under the watch of Maria.

Read more: International Criminal Court issue arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes.

The Russian President was seen driving through Mariupol late hours of Saturday, as he took live videos. It has also been reported that residents are beginning to return to Mariupol and the President was able to exchange pleasantries with few of them.

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Icc and Vladimir Putin

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