Qatari journalist blame Germany defeat to Japan on German team not focusing on football but covering their mouths

The Qatari journalist is blaming German team for not focusing on the main reason why they’re competing in Qatar

Germany defeat to Japan yesterday came as huge blow to Germans and many German fans across the world. They have been very disappointed by the results of yesterday’s game against Japan. Some of them are yet to recover.

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The game ended 2-1 in favour of Asian side, Japan. The German team were seen covering their mouths in solidarity with the LGBTQ community before the match began. Captains of Western nations participating in the world were refused request to wear a rainbow armband with the inscription “one love” in them. The people of Qater do not condone LGBTQ activities on the country. And since its a crime, they have warned all participants not to come on the pitch of anything representing the community.

“You came to us, you respect our religion, our culture, our customs, our laws. Other than that, pit your hand wherever you want. This is what happens when you don’t focus on football”

Germany defeat to Japan

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