Vidoe: ‘Rasta man throw one stone’ Ghanaians react after Court Order Achimota School to admit Rastafarian students

Many Ghanaians expressed their joy after an Accra High court today ordered Achimota High School to with immediate effect admit Rastafarian students who have been denied admissions about four months ago. Some have expressed mixed feelings, advising parents of these students to re-enroll their wards in another school because to them, their wards might be discriminated against.

But to some people, Achimota School will rather fear these guys and be walking on egg shells till they complete. Some also say, yes they will hate but that will only be in secret.

The Rastafarian students were denied admissions over their refusal to cut their dreadlocks. One of the student who hard his admission in Achimota revealed that Authorities of the school told him in the face they actually had nothing to do with him unless he cuts his locks. Parents of the children vowed to seek legal actions aga6the school. Today Human Rights Court 1 Division of Hight Court ordered Achimota School to admit Tyrone Marhguy and Oheneba Nkrabea, children involved in the brouhaha.

Many Rastafarians were seen in the court yard, jubilating with reggae songs, expressing their satisfaction in the ruling

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