Reasons Roman Abramovich’s £150m mansion could be used to host Ukrainian refugees

Why assets of Roman Abramovich could be used as a refugee camp

Reasons Roman Abramovich’s mansion worth £150m could be used to host Ukrainian refugees

Here are some simple reasons Roman Abramovich’s £150million home in the United Kingdom could soon be used as a refugee home. The UK government confiscated all assets of the Russian billionaire including Chelsea Football Club after his ally, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine. Abramovich is believe to have “a father like relationship” with the Russian President. British government blocks Chelsea sale, freezes all assets of Roman Abramovich

The UK government placed heavy sanctions on Russia. The sanctions affected allies of Vladimir Putin and his Oligarchs including Roman Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich put his £150million mansion at Kensington up for sale weeks ago but it was seized before he could get a buyer.

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You may be wondering why his property could be used to host Ukrainian refugees but its all over.


□ The UK government says it is possible since they are sanctioned for humanitarian reasons

“we want to explore an option which would allow us to use the homes and properties of Sanctioned individuals, as long as they are sanctioned for humanitarian and other purposes. There is quite a high legal bar to cross and we’re not talking about permanent confiscation” Housing and communities Secretary told BBC.

□ He gives further reasons: “But we’re saying, you’re sanctioned, you’re supporting Putin. This home here, you have no right to use or profit from it. And more than that, while you’re not using it or profiting from it, if we can use it in order to help others, let’s do that” Mr. Michael Gove suggested.

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His £30m Chelsea Penthouse has also been confiscated and could also be used.

Over 2.8million refugees have already left Ukraine for other neighbouring countries including the United Kingdom.

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