Reports say Taliban have executed Rohullah Azizi, brother of Amrullah Saleh

Reports say Taliban have executed Ruhullah Azizi, brother of Amrullah Saleh.

Reports reaching revealed Amrullah Saleh’s brother Rohullah Azizi has been killed by militant group, Taliban. According to reports, Azizi was detained by Taliban when he was ‘attempting’ to flee Panjshir valley.

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Amrullah Saleh was the former Vice President of Afghanistan. He refused to bow to Taliban and pledged to fight to the very end. He became one of the leaders of anti-Taliban forces in Panjshir valley after Taliban captured Kubal about three weeks ago. Saleh made a video to confirm he was still in Panjshir valley but reports say he had also fled the province because that video may be taken in a different place since Taliban had cut the Internet in the province. Read more Taliban can’t access Afghanistan government accounts as Google shut it down

Nephew of Azizi told news outlets on Friday, September 10 that his unle had been executed by Taliban fighters.

source: ANI

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