Resign in disgrace for what you have allowed to happen in Afghanistan – Donald Trump blast President Biden

Former President of United States, Donald Trump has released a statement, blaming President Joe Biden for the recent happenings in Afghanistan. Taliban fighters invaded capital of Afghanistan, Kubal hours ago, taken over the city including the Presidential Palace, leading to President Ashrah Ghani to flee the country.

Here’s how it all started (Video) Taliban fighters topple Afghanistan troops, take over Kabul. ‘Islamic law will take over the world’ Commander

According to President Ashrah Ghani, it was very necessary he left the country because Taliban forces were very desperate to take him out and and more delays could plunged the country into massacre

Here’s what he said during his last address

But according to the former President, his successor Joe Biden is deeply involved in current happenings. While some group of Democrats blamed him to be the cause of the escalation because of his policies, the President believes Biden totally failed and is therefore calling for his resignation.

“it is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan ” he noted

Canada has also extended a helping hand that, it was going take in 20,000 Afghans as tensions rise. The country said it had taken this decision to protect the people of Afghanistan from Taliban fighters especially the most vulnerable, pregnant women, children etc.

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