Retired Lt. General Hodges: By denying Ukraine the means of long-range strikes, we have given Russia a haven from which it is killing Ukrainians

Retired American General believe its time the West provides long-range strikes to Ukraine

Retired American General Lt. Hodges says the West’s amd its allies refusal to give long-range strikes to Ukrainian army is telling Russians to kill more Ukrainians. The former commander of US Army Europe, took to his twitter page to Shere his concerns. Several US experts and former Generals including David Petraeus have been sharing their concerns, views and suggestions regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“Why do we allow Russia to fire from sanctuary? By not providing ATACMS, F16’s and other long-range strike capabilities to UKR, we have in effect granted sanctuary to Russia which is able to kill innocent civilians in Ukraine without fear of consequences” the retired American General revealed.

Meanwhile, the United States and its allies continue to support Ukraine to defend itself. They have donated billions of dollars to Ukraine, with ammunitions most especially from the United States. Biden’s administration have been supporting Ukrainian soldiers since Russia’s “Special Military Operation”, something Putin is now referring as war begun lat year February 24th.

Speaking in Washington in December 2022 to Congress, President Zelensky said Ukraine is expecting more military support from the United States. He urged America to keep supporting Ukraine because “the money is not charity but investment in democracy” and that can manifest if Russia is defeated, he said.

There is a lot currently going on amidst Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with many experts predicting an embarrassing defeat of Russia, most expecially when Ukrainian forces pushed Russian forces out of Kherson about two months ago. However, Russian forces have restrategise and are back in Kherson.

Watch Ukrainian President Zelensky’s 2023 message below

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