Rihanna is set to release a surprise album this year while preparing to become a first-time mum

Famous Barbadian singer, Rihanna is set to release a new surprise album this year while making preparation to welcome her cute first child to the world.

It’s going to be the 33-year-old singer’s first new album ever since her award-winning Anti in 2016 and is going to amuse their fans.

Rihanna is set to release a surprise album this year while  preparing to become a first-time mum

Rihanna is reported to be dedicating the new Album to her eager fans, according to a sun who spoke to the sun:

“It’s happening. Rihanna will drop an album this year. She is getting ready to release this year.

“It is always something she had planned to do for her fans. She has heard their calls for her new tunes and knows they have been waiting so patiently.

“She’s excited to bring them something new.”

Though it’s believed any new music will be her last for the anticipated as she is ready to put her focus on motherhood and her beauty and fashion empire, which the source declares “her passion.”

Rihanna: Being pregnant is an exciting journey

According to the Barbados-born singer, Rihanna disclosed that her music career hasn’t stopped despite some fans saying so.

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said

“Yes, you’re still going to get music for me.

“My fans would kill me if they waited this long for a Lullaby.”

Recall her 2016 album Anti, which starred Drake, was one of her best albums to date, but right now any new album from her would be sure to compete with it.

She further disclosed she is adoring feeling “a little chubby” as she goes on to proudly show off her baby bump.

The singer busted that she’s completely enjoying her pregnancy and said:

“I like it, I’m enjoying it.”

“I’m enjoying not having to worry about covering up my tummy.”

“If I feel a little chubby, it’s like whatever – it’s a baby!”

Rihanna had recently defined how it was getting difficult to keep her pregnancy a secret and was more hard concealing it from her friends than it was in the public.

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