Rio Ferdinand says he received videos of Ghanaian comedian Akrobeto after Man United 4-0 defeat

Akrobeto is talk of town after Brentford Manchester United match on Sunday

Ghanaian comedian Akrobeto is undoubtedly a global comedian after his videos went viral last year. German club, Borussia Dortmund posted a video of him broadcasting sports news on UTV.

The video quickly went viral the Internet, which saw German Club, Borussia Dortmund in the early this year.

English Sports journalist Rio Ferdinand also posted him on twitter after Manchester United’s embarrassing defeat to Brentford over the weekend.

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“This is what I’m being sent from people who support league 1 and 2 teams. It’s over for me” Rio Ferdinand tweeted in a quote.

Watch video below

Akrobeto’s memes are all over the Internet as we speak. This is what creativity do. Putting Ghana on the map in a humorous way.

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