Roman Abramovich to sell Chelsea since becoming owner in 2003

Roman Abramovich considering selling Chelsea football club

Raman Abramovich to sell Chelsea since becoming owner in 2003

News reaching our desk can confirm a possibility of Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich selling the club. Latest article published on by Matt Law reveal the Chelsea legend is considering selling the English club. He has been the owner for 19years.

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He is expected to receive bids to buy Chelsea this week according to the news portal.

Matt Law said “Roman Abramovich will receive bids to buy Chelsea this week with parties believing that, for the first time, he will consider a sale”

Abramovich may like to ofload the club as soon as possible before it be becomes a frozen asset. Chelsea Football Club becoming a frozen asset will be a big blow to the club. It will be a difficult time to many fans across the globe including me, Mawunya.

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Reports say there are potential buyers already registering to purchase the club, including American investors.

Abramovich on Saturday issued a communique, distancing himself from the company. In a statement, Abramovich said he was giving Chelsea to trustees of a charitable foundation but will continue to be owner of the club.

Now that he’s considering a sale, we wonder if claims of ownership will still remain same going forward.

Reports also says he’s not only in hurry to sell only Chelsea but other assets as well.

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