Romelu Lukaku: 7 facts about him you may not know

Romelu Lukaku: 6 amazing facts about him you may not know

Here are some interesting facts about Chelsea forward, Romelu Lukaku

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7. Romelu Lukaku comes from a football family. Football runs through the family of one of the world’s best strikes. Lukaku’s junior brother plies his trade with Italian football club, Lazio. His dad, Roger Menama Lukaku was also a professional footballer. And his cousin, Boli Bolingoli-Mbombo also plays for Rapid Vienna. He’s their left back.

6. Lukaku is 28 years with 323 careergoals. Out of these goals, 116 are premier league goals, top 20 of all time. Lukaku was ranked 12th in the 2021 balloon d’Or. He’s also all time Belgium International goalscorer, and a Serie A 2020/2021 MVP winner.

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5. Romelu Lukaku’s mother used to carry his birth certificate when Lukaku goes to play youth football in Belgium. Because people couldn’t believe he was that young, looking at how he’s physically built. Reports say they didn’t believe his right age so prove that, his mother would simply go with him with his certificate. He grew up with that physique, says its a gift from God.

4. Lukaku says he watches football for five hours: Speaking to Thierry Henry, Romelu said the former may be the only person in the world who watches football more than him. “Thierry might be the only guy in the world who watches football than me. We debate everything. We’re sitting around and having debates about German second division football.

3. Didier Drogba is Romelu Lukaku’s all time idol

Didier Drogba is his all time idol. Romelu Lukaku disclosed Didier Drogba was his idol. He said he learnt a lot of lessons from him. He became only tye fourth player to score 80 plus Premier league goals before the age of 24.

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2. Lukaku is multilingual

Lukaku speaks several languages, including English, French, Spanish etc. UEFA recently sends through a list of languages that each player speaks so media from around the world know who they can interview. And surprisingly, Romelu Lukaku speaks more languages that they can’t even fit in the list box. He can speak Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, German, Flemish as well.

7. Lukaku says his 3year old son already speaks four languages

According to the Belgian International, his 3year old son already speaks four languages. He posted a tweet to tell his fans last month. “My son is 3. He is missing French, Dutch and English when he speaks sometimes but when he gets mad it’s always in Lingala” Lukaku jokingly said with laughing emojis. His son is probably taking after him.


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