Russia bans Facebook and Instagram, says META is an extremist organisation

Russia bans Meta, says Facebook and Instagram spread false information


Russia bans Facebook and Instagram following inciting alleged “death policy” against Russian forces, says the company is engaging in extremist activities which is peculiar to an extremist organisation.

Local reports from Russia says a court has banned both Facebook and Instagram from operating in the country, saying the mother companies of these these two social media giants is an extremist organisation

The two platforms were blocked by Kremlin officials after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th. The government said the decision was necessary to control the narrative in its “special military operation”.

Today, February 21st nearly three weeks of war, the two social media platforms have been banned.

The company has however rejected all allegations.

“The activities of the META organisation are directed against Russia and forces. We ask the court to ban Meta’s activities and oblige it to implement this ruling immediately” FSB representative Igor Kovalevsky told told Russian judges of Tverskoi district in Moscow.

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Facebook drew Russia’s ire on 10 March by relaxing its language rules which allows users to post messages like “death to Russian invaders”

The social media company later undo its decision, citing “Russophobia and calls for violence against Russian citizens are unacceptable”

Russia’s investigative Committee said it would launch an investigation into the matter “due to illegal calls for the murder of Russian nationals by employees of the American company”

Russia recently passed a law, regulating the level of reportage. Anyone caught propagating fake news or use of the word “war” in relation to Ukraine could face a 15year jail term.

The fight between Russian forces and Ukrainian troops still continues. Over 10million people have been displaced according to the United Nations.

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