Russia bans Ukrainian celebrities & influencers for 50years

Russia bans Ukrainian celebrities and influencers for 50years

Russia bans Ukraine celebrities & influencers for 50years

Russia government bans Ukraine celebrities and influencers from entering RUSSIA for the next 50years.

Several media houses in Russia broadcast the news, listing the names of 31 Ukraine celebrities and influencers who have been banned for 50years.

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The news disclosed by Ukraine news outlet, The Kyiv Independent said “Russian media publishes list of Ukrainian celebrities, influencers” who have been “allegedly banned for 50years”

Prominent personalities have earlier been banned from entering RUSSIA. Among the list is Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau, President of the United States, Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

A statement released by Russian government said the ban was necessary because of the hash decisions these governments took in response to Ukraine invasion. The UK, Canada, America and its allies have imposed unbearable sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine

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“Several Kremlin-linked media outlets reported that 31 Ukrainian celebrities, TV presenters, and influencers are now banned from entering RUSSIA” The Kyiv Independent reports.

The list below include Ukrainian musicians, film makers, news casters etc.

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