Russia bombs Odesa port a day after UN-Turkiye backed agreement for Ukraine to resume exports of grain

Russia and Ukraine yesterday signed agreement to resume grain exports through the Black Sea

Russia bombs Odesa port just hours after it signed an agreement with Ukraine by the help of United Nations and Turkiye, being mediators of the deal.

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the deal “will help avoid a food shortage catastrophe for millions worldwide”. Turkiye President also believed both parties will keep their pledge but that seems not to be the case. He also said the new deal between Russia and Ukraine “will cease global food inflation because the war will impact the whole world, not just warring sides”

American officials welcomed the idea and appreciate Turkiye and the United Nations for their efforts to releazing this deal but doubt the commitment of Russia.

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Russia fires Kalibr missiles at the port of Odesa of which two of them were intercepted but the other two hit the target according to local authorities, leaving several casualties. Ukrainian officials described Russia’s actions as unforgettable and unforgivable because Russia failed its part of the deal already. They said President Putin just “spits in the face of United Nations and Turkiye” with the attack.

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The deal is aimed to unblock grain exports which was halted since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th. Minutes after the strike, Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture told media outlets grain ws stored the time the missiles struck it.

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Antonio Guterres has condemned the attacks. “Secretary General unequivocally condemns reported strikes today in the Ukrainian port of Odesa. Full implementation of the commitments made by the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey is imperative”

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