Russia confirm death of 6th top Commander in Ukraine

Another top Russian General has died


Russia confirm death of 6th top commander in Ukraine

Russian officials have confirmed the demise of another top major General. An official Russian portal posted it on their website from Crimea. The report says he died in Mariupol after a tough battle.

He was the deputy commander of the Russian Black Fleet, formerly deputy commander of Russian forces in Syria.

Andrey Paliy was born and raised in Ukrainian capital Kyiv reports say. Andrey was about to be promoted to rear admiral when he met his untimely death.

Top five Generals have already been pronounced dead: Read more 5 Russian Generals who have been killed in Ukraine

So Andrey Paliy is number 6 to die in Ukraine. Residents confirm about the fight in Mariupol being intense in the last two weeks. Many of them have fled the city, making the place a ghost town.

Below is part of the statement in from Crimea

It’s like brothers are killing brothers. Andrey Paliy was born in Ukrainian capital Kyiv and brought up there many years. Now, he’s gone forever because of a bloody war. You may say its his job but let’s ponder on this question. Was his death worth it?

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