Russia defeat in Kherson is the largest geopolitical loss since soviet Union collapsed – Sergei Markov

Sergei Markov in 2015

Russian commanders ordered troops to retreat from Kherson as Ukraine continue to gain ground

Former Kremlin advisor Sergei Markov has revealed that recent defeat of Russia in Kherson region is the country’s greatest geopolitical defeat since the fall of soviet Union.

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Sergei Markov about two weeks ago on Telegram said Russia was likely to suffer massive defeat when he was asked few questions. “Does all this look like a humiliating defeat for Moscow?”.

“Yes, and little attention to its image” he said. His earlier and current response triggered so many questions among analysts as they brainstorm Putin’s next actions. The big question is, Will Putin use nuclear weapons in Ukraine? what does that mean for the world?

“The surrender of Kherson is the largest geopolitical defeat of Russia since the collapse of the USSR. The political consequences of this huge defeat will be hugely big” he emphasized.

Read his statement below

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