Russia elites want to overthrow Putin says Ukraine intel

Russia elites want to overthrow President Vladimir Putin says Ukraine intelligence. Ukrainian Ministry of Defense dropped a statement saying oligarchs and Russia elites want to overthrow Vladimir Putin

Ukrainian intelligence say Russian elites and oligarchs are conspiring to remove PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN from office so they can restore economic ties with the WEST.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense say a group of very influential Russians are planning to oust President Putin who ruled Russia more than two decades out of power. READ this 10 facts about Vladimir Putin: Vladimir Putin: 10 facts about him you may not know

Ukrainian chief Directorate of intelligence for the ministry of Defence of Ukraine posted it on Facebook on Sunday, March 20, 2022.

The statement said they want to either poison him or do it through accident, and they will restore economic relationship with the West afterwards.

Alexander Bortnikov who is the director of the Federal Security Service, FSB and member of Putin’s close circle is said to have fallen out of favour for the Russian President after getting the signal. He is said to he the next potential successor of Putin.

“It is known that Bortnikov and some other influential members of the Russian elite are considering various options for removing Putin from power. In particular, poisoning, sudden illness or other accident is not excluded” the statement said.

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“A group of influential people want to remove him remove Putin from power as soon as possible and restore economic ties with the WEST which were destroyed by the war in Ukraine”

Read statement below

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