Russia has lost another ship, Admiral Makarov according to Ukraine officials

This could be another big blow for Russia if confirmed

Russian ship Admiral Makarov is allegedly down reports say. On April 14, 2022, Russia lost its flagship warship Moskva in the Black Sea. This was a big blow to the Russian Federation as the warship is considered one of the best in the world. As the second most strongest military power of the world, Top 10 countries with the strongest military it was very humiliating for the Russian Federation.

But How did Ukraine Navy sink Russian warship Moskva?. The article above gives you an idea.

Ukrainian General staff reported earlier today that Russia has lost another ship. Ukrainian Member of Parliament from odesa claim Russia has lost its Navy Patrol ship Admiral Makarov.

Multiple local Ukrainian media houses have also reported on the Russian ship Admiral Makarov hours ago.

There is currently unverified amd unconfirmed footage of the alleged Russian ship Admiral Makarov circulating on the Internet.

The Russian ship is alleged to been struck by Ukrainian Neptune missiles just like the flagship warship Moskva off the coast of Odesa.

Rescue aircraft and boats are on the way from occupied Crimea. The U.S surveillance drones are also in the area observing the situation.

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