Russia have lost another ship Vsevolod Bobrov

Reports that the Vsevolod Bobrov auxiliary ship caught fire in the Black Sea near Snake Island

Reports that Russian Federation have lost another ship Vsevolod Bobrov in the Black Sea. If true, this would be its third ship to have been destroyed by Ukrainian troops.

The very first one was the flagship warship Moskva, which reportedly led to the killing of over 400 officers aboard. Read more:54 crew members of Russian warship Moskva to be rescued out of 500. Though Russian Federation is yet to reveal the whereabouts of these officers onboard, it is believed they may have died by now.

The second ship loss was reported last week. According to reports, Ukrainian troops used Neptune missiles to struck Admiral Makarov. This same method was used to sink the flagship warship Moskva. Though the news have been reported by credible news portals, Ukrainian government is yet to make an official statement on it since its still unconfirmed. Read more:Russia has lost another ship, Admiral Makarov according to Ukraine officials

Ukrainian news portal reports the sinking of the third ship by Ukrainian troops. According to Hromadske Int, a Russian logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov caught fire near Snake Island in Odesa.

“Thanks to the actions of the Ukrainian military in Black Sea. Another ship of the Russian navy caught fire, the logistics ship Vsevolod Bobrov, the spokesperson of the Odesa regional military administration Serhiy Bratchuk said”

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“Russia lost another ship in the Black Sea. According to my sources, the ship was hit and a fire broke out. Its a brand new auxiliary ship of project 23120 Vsevolod Bobrov” a Ukrainian social media Influencer, Anton Gerashchenko also detailed.

The United Nations is now reporting that over 6million Ukrainians have fled the country since the war Broke out. The situation is said to be the worst refugee crisis in Europe since the end of world war II.

The United Nation’s data also revealed another 8million people displaced in Ukraine.

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